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How to sell your house fast with little hassle

Selling a house has become increasingly difficult and the recent property market conditions are presenting some tough challenges for homeowners who are looking to sell their property quickly. It is taking much longer for a homeowner to get a house sale compared to a couple of years ago. The confidence in the property markets around the world has been dented and buyers are holding back on buying property until market conditions improve.

So what does a homeowner do if he/ she needs to get sell house fast? How do they deal with the stress of having their house on the market for long periods of time, not knowing when the next buyer will come along (if a buyer ever will). Well if the seller is looking to sell home fast using an estate agent then there is a good chance that they will not know when the house will be sold and it could be very likely that it will stay on the market for a while.

If the seller really needs a guaranteed, quick sale then there is another option; they can exercise the option of selling their house to a company that will directly purchase property from sellers. These companies work directly with the seller who says I want to sell my house fastand look to complete the direct purchase of a house within weeks. There are no estate agents or third parties to worry about and the sale process is normally smooth.

Selling in this way allows a seller to relax, knowing that there house sale is pretty much guaranteed and they can move on and plan to move on a definitive date. This method of selling helps people is difficult circumstances to move on in life. Circumstances such as moving due to a divorce, family bereavement, ill health, releasing equity, relocating, financial debt and so on. All these situations can be resolved by the quick sale of a house to a direct cash buyer.

Investing in property in changing times

Now that the buzz of property investing is over and the property markets around the world have started cooling considerably from their peaks, is there still any opportunities left for property investment? Is it time to look elsewhere and find alternative markets for investing your money?

The simple and short answer is of course not. The property market is probably becoming one of the best investments opportunities to plan for big rewards. If you are the one to usually think “out of the box” and are successful in making money, then you will know that the property investment market is where your money should be going. That’s right, as crazy as it may sound; the smart money always goes against the crowd.

While everyone is jumping the property ship, the smart investor will be looking for investment property bargains at low prices. That means finding property that is being sold at rock bottom prices from people who are looking to sell quickly and happy with a lower price.

The property markets of countries like the american property, Spanish property and now even the UK property markets have experienced significant falls and these markets are now presenting the savvy buyer with excellent opportunity to buy properties significantly below the market value. The savvy investors have already started picking up property at bargain prices and it is the perfect time to go against the crowd while everyone else is abandoning property investment. If you are serious about making big money in the long term, then investing in property is definitely the way to go.

How to sell a house quick

Getting a quick house sale is not easy when you are restricted to tight deadlines and you need to sell your property quickly to move on in life. There are a variety of reasons that force a homeowner to pursue the option of needing a quick house sale. Some of these reasons include the following: a divorce or a relationship split forcing a quick sale, family bereavement, financial debt or threat of house repossession, relocation to another area or another country, the need to sell a family inheritance quickly, releasing equity from a property owned and so on…

If a homeowner is facing the dilemma to get a quick property sale then the option to sell a house using an agent will not always work for you. In such cases one method for consideration would be to sell your property directly to companies that specialize in buying property for cash from homeowners.

This method of selling gives the seller the advantage of getting a fast house sale without the hassles and long waits involved when selling using an estate agent. Some of these advantages include: zero agent fees, a guaranteed sale, no property chains involved in the sale thus eliminating any obstacles to the sale, a straightforward selling process and so on. The method ensures that the seller can get a guaranteed sale time without worrying about any hold ups.

This method of selling will also work well in slow markets. If your house is on for sale and has been on the agents window for too long, then this option will allow you to sell quickly.

2008 – The Year UK Property Prices Plunged

At the start of 2008 UK prices started to fall, partly due to long term price increases that had become unsustainable, and partly due to the credit crunch. For many home owners this is the worst possible scenario, their mortgage costs are increasing (due to credit shortages) and house prices are falling. In short they are trapped, unable to ride a market downturn due to high mortgage costs, their only option is to sell.

But, selling in a falling market with shortage of mortgage funds for buyers is not easy. For some home owners this means they will end up defaulting on their mortgages and then get repossessed. And of course the repossessed properties will go on the market at a discount price, having the effect of pulling prices down further. For some people there is a way out of this dilemma, they can find a company that will get them a private investor who can achieve a quick house sale, often within a few weeks. In some cases these private investors will even allow the homeowner to sell then rent back their house.

So, what needs to happen to stop house prices plunging? In short it is market confidence, and a key factor to that will be the cost and availability of mortgages for both home owners and prospective buyers. As 2008 rolls out that facts will become clear, but hold tight for a very bumpy ride.

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