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Making a Regular Pension Transfer Overseas

Transferring your pension abroad need not cost you a fortune every month.

If you use your bank to make the pension transfer overseas, it´s likely that you will be much more than you need to in charges, commissions and the currency exchange rate.

As more and more people have chosen to retire overseas, the banking system is set to gain from this migration. However, whether you have a state pension or a private pension scheme, the taxation treatment of your money may be different depending on the arrangement that the UK tax office has with your new homeland. Relying on conversations with friends, who have already moved abroad, is useful. But, take great care to get the right information from the tax office.

If you are a UK resident and choose to retire in the United States, you will currently benefit from annual increases in your state pension. If you choose to retire to places like South Africa, New Zealand or Canada, your pension is likely to remain at the level that it was when you moved abroad.

Variations in tax law may mean that you may also have to pay more tax, or possibly pay tax in both Countries as the money originates in the UK and you are spending it abroad.

Before moving abroad, I suggest you have a word with a Tax specialist in Pensions. They could save you a great deal of money.

Currency Exchange.

Now that you have established what you are likely to receive from your pension while living overseas, it is worth discussing your plans with a currency broker. Currency Exchange dealers can save you a great deal of money when you are making regular monthly payments.

Rather than rely on the good nature of your originating bank to keep the costs down and to give you a great rate of exchange, why not go to a currency conversion specialist like fx-foreignexchange, who have a simple system for making these monthly transfers?

Because it´s simple, it´s cheap! You instruct your bank to transfer the monthly pension payment to fx-foreignexchange. At the end of the month, the presiding rate of exchange is applied to the pension amount and the money is converted into your destination currency. The money is then transferred to the bank account in your new home country without commission or transfer charges. Often, if fx-foreignexchange have a bank account in your destination country, there won´t be any receiving charges either.
It´s efficient and cost-effective.

To speak to someone about making a regular monthly payment abroad just call the UK, 0044 (0) 1480 458400

Currency Conversion – Trust Your Dealer

In these difficult times, you need all the help you can get just to keep hold of your hard earned money.

  • You may be in business and have a need to regularly pay suppliers abroad.
  • You may be an expatriate and have a need for a regular monthly payment to be transferred overseas.
  • You may have decided to emigrate and have a need to move nearly all of your savings.
  • You may have just decided to buy that, longed for, holiday home abroad and have a need to transfer your savings as a deposit.

Whatever your reason for moving money abroad and having to exchange the currency to another type, you need to choose your currency dealer wisely. This is mainly because there are usually seemingly small charges applied to the currency exchange deal AND some foreign exchange brokers will not give you the best rate available.

Yesterday, I even heard of 2 different banks who offered a client a rate of exchange that sounded competitive and confirmed that there would not be any charges by them for the transfer or at the receiving bank. In both cases, this was completely untrue! The clients dutifully told their managers to make the transfers. When they received their exchanged money, charges had been applied at both the sending and receiving banks in addition to a completely different rate of exchange being applied!

When each client visited their banks for an explanation, it was like the bank managers were reading from the same script. Both offered the lame excuse that they merely processed the exchange of currency. After that, the rate of exchange was applied by the dealing room whenever they got around to doing the deal. No explanation was offered to explain the charges.

If these people had used a professional currency exchange dealer, they would have had a contract with the rate of exchange on it and a full explanation of charges applied if there were any. They would have known exactly how much they would receive.

Why use a bank when you are protected by this form of contract? If you regularly make payments abroad, or need to make a one-off currency exchange try You will be dealing with professionals.

Global Currency Rates Today

GLOBAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE Rates – aed,gbp,jpy,eur,cad,aud,usd,brl,pln

Professional currency exchange servicesGet the best currency exchange rate available today… Just call our Head Office on +44 (0) 1480 458 400 if outside the UK, or 01480 458400 ( in the Uk) and we’ll quote you the best exchange rate for Euro, usd, gbp, aed, brl, pln, and more.


Base Currency: British Pound, GBP on Friday, September 19, 2008

Currency Code GBP/1 Unit Units/1 GBP
Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham AED 0.1498 6.6855
Australian Dollar AUD 0.4385 2.2819
Brazilian Real BRL 0.2906 3.4627
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.5153 1.942
Egyptian Pound EGP 0.1018 10.089
Euro EUR 0.7905 1.2654
Japanese Yen JPY 0.005253 190.462
Polish Zloty PLN 0.2366 4.2386
US Dollar USD 0.5498 1.8192


Global Currency Exchange Rates Today

  • Global Currency Exchange Network, bring you daily currency exchange rates. For currency conversion, and money transfers, go to our website to create a free money transfer account 
  • Here is a sample of the global currency exchange rates from this morning. If you would like to be kept informed of any particular currency exchange rate, just let us know in the form below this table. We trade commercial amounts and commercial rates

    GLOBAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE NETWORK – gbp,aed.pln,usd,brl,cad,aud,eur

Base Currency is the GBP, British Pound:

Currency Code GBP/1 Unit Units/1 GBP
UAE dhm. Dirham AED 0.1518 6.5936
Australian Dollar AUD 0.4595 2.1801
Brazilian Real BRL 0.3127 3.2093
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.5261 1.9035
Egyptian Pound EGP 0.1034 9.8009
Euro EUR 0.7936 1.2617
Japanese Yen JPY 0.005167 193.754
Polish Zloty PLN 0.2368 4.2378
US Dollar USD 0.5575 1.7946

n.b. These are just indication rates as of 8.30am on Sunday 14th September

foreign exchange currency conversion by specialistsGet the best currency exchange rate available today… Just call our Head Office on +44 (0) 1480 458 400 if outside the UK, or 01480 458400 ( in the Uk) and we’ll quote you the best exchange rate for Euro, usd, gbp, aed and more.

New, Bargain, Italian apartments for sale

sea view apartments for sale, Puglia, Italy        Itailian property for sale in Puglia

New seaview, apartments for sale in the unspoilt Italian region of PUGLIA. The Vista Mare apartments – San Pietro in Bevagna, are offered for sale with a choice of finished apartments, or off-plan.

They are a great price, considering they have sea views! For the 2 Bedroomed apartments they are priced from only €110,000. That’s about US€155,000.

They are on a small development of 2 bedroomed apartments only 200 metres from some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches.

Choice of recently completed apartments (60m2) range from €119,950 or soon to be built (50m2) from €110,000.

Key Features:

  • 2 bedroomed apartments with parking
  • 200 metres from the sea
  • Some apartments with huge sun terraces
  • Restaurant and shops within walking distance
  • Only 1 hr Brindisi airport
  • 25 minutes Manduria
  • 1 hour Ceglie, Lecce & Gallipoli
  • Some of Italy’s finest sandy beaches on your doorstep
  • Good rental potential

20% deposit with balance on completion. So, a simple deposit of about US$31,000, could secure you a wonderful holiday home in Italy.

REGULAR INSPECTION VISITS are provided from European destinations.

If you require, and are Europe based, Euro Mortgages are available through Barclays Bank in Italy – Subject to status- Please ask for details

To request more information, contact us on 0044 (0)1480 434290, or

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