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Getting the Best Exchange Rate today

Getting the best currency exchange rate available today.
The steady decline of the Pound against the Euro has fuelled much debate over whether the currency exchange rate avaliable today, at about 1.26 Euros to the 1 Pound, is aiding the slow quantity of property bought overseas.

There are even several new initiatives to seemingly offering the best euro / pound exchange rate. Some developers are even offering to fix the exchange rate to 1.4 Euros to 1 Pound, so that a buyer of their overseas properties is perceptively not losing out on the exchange rate. The truth of it is that the price that you pay for the property is probably higher than you might pay if you just accepted the ‘Real’ exchange rate and negotiated a little harder on the price of the property.

Consider this: You are looking to buy a property at €200,000. Generally, you could raise a local mortgage of 70% of this, leaving a need to transfer 30% of the purchase price (€60,000) plus 10% to cover all costs (€20,000).
You will have to change enough Pounds to pay a total of €80,000 at some point.

  • If you simply exchange Pounds for €80,000 at todays best currency exchange rate, (1.26), you will need £63,492 Pounds.
  • If you take someone up on the offer of an exchange rate at €1.4 Euros to 1 Pound, you will need to change £57,143 Pounds.
  • Clearly the better exchange rate will appear to make a saving of £6,349.

The question is… Did you get the best deal on the asking price of the property? Maybe, you could have negotiated more than £6,400 off the price?

currency conversion by professionals

currency conversion by professionals

In principle, there’s nothing wrong with these great exchange rate offers, but ask a few more questions of the builder. The builder may prefer to simply reduce the price. Try using an estate agent that is used to working on an International basis, like Gatehouse International, as they will be able to offer both types of exchange rate deals. You can then choose the deal that suits you most.

For the best currency exchange deals, get a free account with Global Currency Exchange Network and let us let you know when the best rates are available.

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