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Buy Thai Baht for Property purchase

Buying Property in Thai Baht.

Buying Thai Baht at the best currency exchange rate is a relatively simple exercise. Call your broker!

currency conversion by professionals

currency conversion by professionals

However, buying Thai Baht at the best exchange rate in order to buy property in Thailand, as a foreigner. That’s not such a simple task. Choose a broker who understands the Thai property system as there is a specific Act, the 1991 Condominium Act, which applies to non-residents who aim to buy a condominium in Thailand.

If a non-resident person wishes to transfer money into Thailand to buy a property there, they must obtain a Foreign exchange Transaction Certificate for each payment. This certificate comes from the beneficiary bank and every certificate will need to be shown to the Land Department in order to register the title of the condominium. As an aside, the currency exchange transfer instruction needs to state that it is for the purpose of buying condominium.

There’s a catch though. If you transfer money into Thailand for this purpose, you need to ensure that each currency exchange is for US$20,000 as a minimum, otherwise you would need to obtain a credit note from the bank instead.
Transferring money to Thailand:
1. The money must be T/T (Telex-Transferred), with a document identifying the name of the purchaser in the form of either the sender’s or receiver’s name. For example:

Mr. Jones wants to buy a condominium in Thailand. He has his own account at an overseas bank to buy the condominium, he has to instruct the overseas bank to issue the document in his name as the sender of that amount to his (savings) account in Thailand, or any law firm (with the permission from the particular firm) after which the appointed company will buy that condominium for him,


It is possible for the buyer to ask a third party to transfer the money for him to buy the property by identifying himself as the receiver. This could be done by using a currency exchange Company such as fx-foreignexchange, who would offer the best rates at that moment for buying Thai Baht and would then organise the money transfer to Thailand.

2. The purchaser has to include the transfer instruction indicating that the purpose of this money is to buy a condominium unit.

The bank that receives money in foreign currency will issue the document (Foreign Exchange Transaction) which contains the following information:
– The transferred amount in foreign currency
– The transferred amount in Thai Baht
– The name of money sender

In order to get the best currency exchange rate in Thai Baht, whether selling Australian Dollars, US Dollars, GB Pounds, AE Dirhams or Euros, contact the experts, and they will quote the best rate for the Baht today.
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