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Choose an Investment, not a liability.


We have been helping our landlords to buy letting properties for 15 years.

  • As part of our service, we help to assess the viability of a property, for rental purposes.
  • We offer a written report on rental values and likely work required to ensure that the best rental value is achieved.
  • We liase with our sister company, Gatehouse Estates Property Management and ensure that the property is marketed so that there is the very least amount of time when the property is unoccupied.
  • We even have beneficial rates for the legal conveyancing that you will need to use when buying your property.

Simply put, we:

  1. Help choose a property
  2. Prepare it for the rental market (Buy Carpets, Curtains and a cooker if necessary)
  3. Market the buy to let property to the widest audience of prospective tenants
  4. Full management of the rental property, including all contracts, inspections and regular checks / reports
  5. Maintain the property if necessary
  6. Re-let the property with the minimum time without a tenant
  7. Re-sell the property when you wish to capitalise on your investment.

We currently let and re-let over 340 properties every year.

Some do’s and don’ts

Many of our buy to let clients come to us with a preconceived idea that tenants will want to live in a property that the landlord would choose for themselves.

This idea generally works. However, our skill is in selecting homes that the tenants are likely to want.

Buy what tenants want. Not what you want to live in:

  • Tenants are unlikely to share your values in life or share the same property expectations
  • Buy bright and clean with neutral decor : soft beige or magnolia
  • Choose neutral modern curtains
  • Vinyl or tiles to wet areas to minimise your maintenance issues later
  • Clean and fresh, with no odour
  • Heating that works
  • No damp conditions
  • Easy to manage garden. Most new landlords imagine that tenants will need a large garden.
  • Some storage for items like garden tools and a bicycle
  • Locks that work and provide security
  • Good sized bedrooms

What to avoid: 

  • Unattractive properties
  • Dated or personal décor
  • Properties that are adjacent to busy footpaths
  • Properties that are adjacent to a school or industry
  • Properties that don’t have parking close by

How to minimise maintenance:

  • Have a gas, plumbing& electric inspection and report carried out before buying
  • Buy a property that has been well looked after
  • Avoid properties with obvious DIY works
  • Demand certificates for structural alterations
  • Check age of heating system


To discuss your interest in buy to let property in the UK,

please call Phillip Malley on +44 (0)1480 434290 or email him from here,

Gatehouse estates
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