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Why Buy to Let?

Why consider Buy to Let?

Why consider buying a buy to let property now? Buy a “Buy to let” property in the uk with pre-arranged mortgages, cheap conveyancing and tenants waiting to move in.

  • Is your capital currently offering you less that 1% return on investment?
  • Maybe you’ve never bought a house before as you live in accommodation supplied by your work, but you know you will need to get on the property ladder now before the properties become unaffordable again.

This is probably the perfect time to consider a buy-to-let investment portfolio.

Gatehouse Estates have over 20 year’s experience in the UK property sales market, and have been letting properties for over 15 years.

We are currently offering a combination of buy-to-let packages:

  1. Buy to let, for forces personnel.

Gatehouse Estates have negotiated special income multiple arrangements for forces personnel, subject to the usual status requirements. This means that you can place a smaller deposit on your buy-to-let property if you wish.

    2.   Buy to let mortgage packages for investors.

Our two independent mortgage advisors have a range of mortgages for you to choose from.

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To discuss your interest in buy to let property in the UK,

please call Phillip Malley on 01480 434290 or email him from here

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