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Buying Canadian Dollars with Pounds

Money Transfer from the UK to Canada

There are many ways to transfer your money from the UK to Canada. In the past, most people have called their own bank and asked them to change their GB Pounds to Canadian Dollars. Currently, there are so many more cost effective ways to do this.

If you choose to use your bank, it’s likely that they will not necessarily:

  1. Grant you the best rate of exchange available at that moment
  2. They are likely to charge you a commission
  3. They will almost definitely charge a fee for making the money transfer to Canada

If you knew about a way to save on each of the 3 areas, it’s likely you would use it, especially, as the foreign exchange specialists are usually faster than the high street banks as it’s all they do!

Some Expats, or second home buyers, in Canada simply open an account with HSBC as they allow the client to have accounts in Canadian Dollars and GB Pounds.

  • The advantage of doing this is you have flexibility to move the money between your accounts when the currency exchange rate suits you.
  • The disadvantages are that HSBC don’t have as many branches as Canada’s own local main banks in the cities. And, you are unlikely to get a great rate of exchange each time you switch between accounts.

Foreign exchange specialists, like are now the more likely route for a second property buyer, or expat, to use for larger currency transfers from the UK to Canada. They already have an account with HSBC in Canada and the UK.

currency conversion by professionals

currency conversion by professionals

The advantages of using FX-Foreignexchange to exchange your £’s to Canadian Dollars are:

  •  The service is safe and swift.
  • They generally offer a better rate of exchange (Saving thousands on larger transactions).
  • They don’t charge a commission.
  • They don’t charge a fee to transfer the money.
  • You can also set a rate of exchange that you are prepared to deal at, and FX-Foreignexchange will contact you when the currencies meet that figure so you can buy at the best rate of exchange.

The disadvantage, when compared to a high street bank, is difficult to see as there doesn’t appear to be one!

If you are looking to exchange GB Pounds into Canadian Dollars, call FX-Foreignexchange on +44 (0)1480 458400 for a quote, or simply ask for an explanation on how to save money when transferring abroad.

Or go to the fx-foreignexchange site

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