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How to sell a one bedroom house or flat.

If you are thinking of selling a one bedroom house or flat then you may think with a huge drop in first time buyers that you may struggle.

As one of the areas largest Property Management Agents we have a lots of clients looking to expand their Buy to Let portfolios and are actively searching for one bedroom houses or flats.

If you would like us to offer your one bedroom house or flat for sale to our investors please call us on 01480 434290 or e-mail:

The moment we say investor people assume they won’t achieve full market value and this is simply not the case. Buy to Let investors are looking at a long time return from you one bedroom house or flat by letting it to tenants for a monthly income.

If you imagine the value of a one bedroom house to be £100,000 for argument’s sake and a buy to let investor lets to tenants who pay £500 per month the return on their investment could be as high as 6%. When you compare the low interest paid on savings in the bank then you can see why their is a strong demand for your one bedroom house or flat.

Using Gatehouse Estates is ideal for seller and buy to let buyer because we have the contacts selling is often straight forward, secure and chain free. From a buyers point of view we have tenants searching daily for property so can have it let sooner.

For any advice of selling, buying, buy to let or letting your one bedrooms house or flat and buying somewhere else please contact us on 01480 434290.

Walk from Pub in Godmanchester to Huntingdon & Brampton.

We start at The Exhibition Pub in Godmanchester just because it is closest to us but you could start at any of the pubs mentioned. Remember to Drink Responsibly!

This circuit is approx. 4 1/4 miles long.


From The Exhibition head down Earning Street to The White Hart Pub & Restaurant.

From there continue down East Chadley Lane and follow the path at the end around and back up past Godmanchester Primary School on Park Lane. At the top on your left is The Black Bull Pub.

Right from here will see you at The Bridge Hotel where Godmanchester meets Huntingdon and a short walk up the High Street you’ll find The Samuel Pepys Pub.

Further up the High Street adjacent to the Church and Barneys Fish & Chip shop you can walk up St. Marys Street and over the ring road and across Mill Common to the train station and Brampton Road.

Once on the main road there is a footpath that takes you past Hinchingbrooke House and down to Nun’s Bridge. With Hinchingbrooke Park on you right you’ll see Bromholme Lane on the left, The Old Mill is tucked at the end of Bromholme Lane.

When you have finished at The Mill walk back along Bromholme Lane but turn right opposite the Camp Site and follow the lane, eventually you’ll weave your way under the railway line and onto Portholme. From Portholme you’ll end up back in the centre of Godmanchester near our office.

It might be better if you try this route in reverse where the pubs (and toilets) are a bit closer towards the end of what is a four and a quarter mile pub crawl.



Moving House Solicitor Charges for Conveyancing in Huntingdon




Get an instant online conveyancing quote


Are you searching for an online quote from a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer?

How much are solicitor or Property Lawyer fees to sell or buy a house?

We have teamed up with a local firm that won’t be the chapest on the internet but will provide a great service.

Here are some of the key features of the service our conveyancers offer you

NO-SALE, NO-FEEThere is no need to wait until you have sold or found a property to buy before you instruct them because they make no charge for legal work carried out before exchange of contracts. If your deal falls through, you are not left with huge costs.

JUST CONVEYANCINGConveyancing is all these guys do so they are specialists in their field. You won’t call to find them in court or on the golf course!

ONLINE PROGRESS TRACKING View all the key stages of your transaction as they happen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on their website.

TEXT MESSAGE AND E-MAILSReceive free text message alerts to your mobile phone and an e-mail the moment each key stage of your transaction happens.

NO ATTENDANCE NECESSARYThere is no need to take valuable time off work unless you want to. All documents can be dealt with by post or e-mail.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENT SERVICEOver 97% of their clients report that they have enjoyed a good or outstanding service from our conveyancers.

For a free online quote for buying, selling or both, with no obligation – click here, fill in the details and you’ll get a quote with full breakdown of all of the costs including Stamp Duty and VAT. CONVEYANCER – A Conveyancer is the qualified person carrying out the Conveyancing, this person may be a Conveyancing Solicitor, Licensed Conveyancer, Property Lawyer or Legal Executive. In the past it was normally a High Street Solicitor who carried out this transaction but less so these days as Licensed Conveyancers often provide a less expensive and faster service.

WHY DO YOU NEED ONE? – The legal process of selling a property differs greatly from the purchase of one and both require an in depth knowledge of the conveyancing process which is why in England & Wales most of us need to hire the services of a qualified & insured professional.

Solicitor Costs for moving house near Huntingdon

If you are moving house in or around Huntingdon you are going to need a solicitor or conveyancer to assist you with the legal transfer.

The costs of conveyancing can vary considerably from solicitor firms to cheap online companies as can the level of service you might get. Poor service could cost more than you think.

To get a quote for selling or buying  from a local and trusted firm click here or call Phillip on 01480 434290.


Cost for conveyancing solicitor for selling or buying houses


The cost for conveyancing solicitors for selling or buying houses around Huntingdon can vary. Solicitors, Conveyancers or Property Lawyers in Huntingdon charge different fees to those in St. Ives and St. Neots. Often a cheap or less expensive quote can be found in Peterborough or Bedford.

These days you don’t need to visit the conveyancers office so if they are a few miles further away but it saves you a couple of hundred pounds then it’s worth considering.

If you are just buying, just selling or selling and buying at the same time we can get an instant online quote for you with a long established and local conveyancing firm.

Call us on 01480 434290 or e-mail


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