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Investing in property in changing times

Now that the buzz of property investing is over and the property markets around the world have started cooling considerably from their peaks, is there still any opportunities left for property investment? Is it time to look elsewhere and find alternative markets for investing your money?

The simple and short answer is of course not. The property market is probably becoming one of the best investments opportunities to plan for big rewards. If you are the one to usually think “out of the box” and are successful in making money, then you will know that the property investment market is where your money should be going. That’s right, as crazy as it may sound; the smart money always goes against the crowd.

While everyone is jumping the property ship, the smart investor will be looking for investment property bargains at low prices. That means finding property that is being sold at rock bottom prices from people who are looking to sell quickly and happy with a lower price.

The property markets of countries like the american property, Spanish property and now even the UK property markets have experienced significant falls and these markets are now presenting the savvy buyer with excellent opportunity to buy properties significantly below the market value. The savvy investors have already started picking up property at bargain prices and it is the perfect time to go against the crowd while everyone else is abandoning property investment. If you are serious about making big money in the long term, then investing in property is definitely the way to go.

Motivated Property Sellers

Motivated property sellers used to be a rare find.

Over the last few years, while the property market has been in the ascendancy, property sellers only became motivated when they saw something they wanted. With the housing market rapidly adjusting itself in the UK, property sellers have suddenly become more motivated by other factors including the desire to ‘offload’ surplas property portfolios before they have negative equity.

Why would someone buy now? Buyers can get a bargain basement price when purchasing from a motivated seller. In many cases, witnessed recently, sellers have been happy to sell at less than their purchase price 2 years before. Most of the sellers are seeking to avoid re-possession and the resultant ‘black mark’ against their name. In one case, a client on our For Sale By Owner site , , had 3 properties to sell on one development. He advertised just one on the site and has met with great success. He now has a lawyer interested in buying all 3.

The method seems to be working for the sellers, but the buyers are going out of their way to find what the industry now calls ‘motivated sellers’.

For a cheap, bargain, property visit Motivated Property Sellers for a selection, and deal with the property owners direct.

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