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With costs rising all around, we are looking to save money. The cost of selling your property can be significant. It’s not only the estate agent’s fees that are significant. The Government have introduced the Home Information Pack ( HIP’s) which most homeowners will now have to buy, before they can even place the property on the market. The conventional property lawyer’s fees are also significant and savings can be made here by using an online conveyancing service.

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Online Conveyancing comes of age

Online Property Convance

On-line conveyancing

Save yourself a great deal of money. The traditional ways of having your house sale legally processed have long gone. With the advent of on-line shopping, banking, blogs, forums etc, we are all now used to secure server log-ins and generally feel more in control when we are able to track progress on-line.

House sale conveyancing has come of age. You can now order your free quote for selling, or buying, on-line. You can even order your Home Information Pack (HIP´s) and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on-line.

Gatehouse Estates are able to provide quotataions for HIP´s, EPC´s and Conveyancing packages. Once you have decided to go ahead with a Conveyancing deal, you will be allocated your own log-in username and Password. From this point forward, you will be able to remove a great deal of the frustration that people have had to endure in the past, namely waiting for an update about the next stage in the process of buying, or selling, your home.

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