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When selling my own property,What Searches are carried out and why? – In the Uk, when you now sell a property, you are obliged to provide information regarding your property that is not just about the physical structure. Most of this information is now provided to the buyer within the form of a Home Information Pack (HIP). However, ‘searches’ is a term loosely used by conveyancers and estate agents. Here is a brief explanation of some of the searches involved in a property sale:

Local authority search – If there is a Home Information Pack (HIP) this search will be included in it. This search reveals details of matters such as the planning history, proposals for new road schemes, planning breaches, tree
preservation orders, conservation areas and other matters over which the council have control and may affect the enjoyment or value of the property. Your mortgage lender (if any) will require you to have one of these.

Drainage search – If there is a Home Information Pack (HIP) this search will be included in it. This search will show whether or not the surface and other foul drains run into a public or private sewer.

Environmental search – It is now recommended that buyers also carry out an environmental search to check if there are any landfill or waste disposal sites in the area, if the property has been built on an old industrial site and
whether there are any risks from contaminated land, toxic emissions, flooding, subsidence etc.

Chancel Repair Liability Search – This search is designed to check those records that are reasonably accessible to see whether the property is likely to be at risk of liability for contributions towards the repair costs of the church chancel. This is an ancient liability that can affect land in almost any geographical situation in England and Wales, often without the owners knowing about it.

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