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Currency Conversion

Currency conversion is often considered a ‘black art’ when really it’s very simple.
Most individuals consider using currency conversion when they are about to buy a property abroad, or maybe import a car, or looking to buy a different currency for their holidays.The most common way to perform a currency conversion is to use your own bank to make the conversion.

Think again! Most high street banks make a charge to transfer the money.
With our currency conversion service, the tranfer of the money is usually free!
Where the greatest difference occurs is when you compare the exchange rate offered by a bank against our rate. Like the little travel currency booth you see at airports, the banks buy the money from the Treasury at a low rate and sell it on at a much higher rate.
It is likely that a bank could make as much as £3000 in the currency conversion, with an exchange of £200,000.

How do we make the currency conversion so much cheaper? Lower profits! We still buy the money from the Treasury (through the World’s largest bank), and sell it at a much lower profit margin, saving you a fortune in the meantime.

If you are looking to exchange one currency for another, then try our online currency converter first.

live currency rates and free foreign exchange account

If you would like us to quote a price, just call 01480 434290 and ask Zoe if you can speak to a dealer, or use the online registration form within the currency converter.

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