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Download a Set Estate Agents Sales Details

Why do Estate Agents go to such lengths to measure, floorplan and photograph your home then write just three or four lines about it online?

It is true that online marketing has more than taken over and the days of having hoards of buyer registering with you has long gone. All good news from a cost point of view because you need less staff and can spend far less on traditional sales details.

Estate Agents details vary wildly from a cheap print out from their website to a huge and very expensive glossy brochure.

The difference these days, and the main reason people have taken so quickly to using the internet is that they don’t like talking to Estate Agents! Don’t get me wrong, I am very approachable and don’t hard sell Conveyancing or Mortgage Advice but have you been into some Countrywide office?

Estate Agents should provide all the information they have, they should include online the whole brochure for clients to download. I don’t want to be posting the details out when the prospective buyer could have them instantly and at no cost to me.

Some of you reading this will think I’m just being tight but my vendors pay, not me!





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