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Huntingdon & Godmanchester Walks


If you are looking for good local walks around Godmanchester or Huntingdon then you may think that an Estate Agents website is a strange place to get a guide to the best routes but as a local people with a dog and the taste for a nice pint en-route you may find some of the walks my wife and I do to your liking.

There are some great walks around Huntingdon and Godmanchester, some I didn’t even now existed until we got a puppy. Embarrassingly I didn’t even know that Godmanchester had a nature reserve until we started exploring.

I have listed the walks below with a guide as to where they go and roughly how far they are.

Most start from Godmanchester because I live here but you could join them along the way as many of them a circular routes.

I may refer to lots of Pubs, please don’t think the worst. Pubs are great landmarks and you can always have a soft drink but make mine a Guinness!

If you want to start your walks in Godmanchester there is plenty of parking at The Exhibition Pub on London Road.


walk 1 – GODMANCHESTER TO BRAMPTON MILL – over Portholme Meadow and back – approx. 3 miles.
This walk can be extended to about 4 miles if you walk around Portholme rather than straight over it and if you don’t want to go as far as Brampton Mill you could go all the way around the outside of Portholme which is again about 3 miles.

walk 2 – GODMANCHESTER TO BRAMPTON HIGH STREET – over Portholme and Brampton Golf Course to the High Street and back – approx 4 miles.
Take in Portholme, Brampton Mill, Brampton Golf Course, The Black Bull Pub in Brampton then make your way back how you came or to extend the walk to just over 5 miles make your way back to Godmanchester along the river on The Ouse Valley Way.

walk 3 – GODMANCHESTER TO HEMINGFORD ABBOTS – Cow Lane to The Axe & Compass, Hemingford and back – approx. 5 miles.
A great walk all year round that can be extended or altered as there are loads of routes including Godmanchester Nature Reserve or The Ouse Valley Way.

walk 4 – GODMANCHESTER NATURE RESERVE – Around Godmanchester Nature Reserve and back – approx. 3 1/2 miles.
Quiet and peaceful walk, great if you have an interest in birds and easily extended onto Hemingford Abbots as this walk brings you out at the end of Cow Lane.

general walks – THE OUSE VALLEY WAY – From Paxton Pits through Godmanchester to St. Ives – approx. 13 miles.
I’ll be honest I prefer just the bit of The Ouse Valley Way from Godmanchester to Houghton Lock then back through the Nature Reserve which is only about 5 miles.

pub walk 1 – SHORT PUB CRAWL CIRCUIT – From Godmanchester to Huntingdon to Brampton & back to Godmanchester – approx. 4 1/4 miles and up to 6 pubs.

pub walk 2 – LONG PUB CRAWL CIRCUIT – From Godmanchester to Hemingford, onto Houghton and Wyton, then Hartford, Huntingdon and back into Godmanchester – approx. 7 1/4 miles and up to 9 pubs.


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