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Portholme in Godmanchester

Located over the river from Gatehouse Estate Agents in Godmanchester, Portholme, formerly  known as Cromwell’s Acres is famous as the largest meadow in England. You can walk from Godmanchester across Portholme to Huntingdon and Brampton.

It was for centuries, the scene of Huntingdon horse races. Portholme’s circuit was two miles in circumference. The races began on the first Tuesday in August each year and continued for 3 days. Such an annual event was eagerly anticipated by locals as the major summer festival. It really was pretty sophisticated, the course being well endowed with grandstands, footbridges and other facilities and with supplementary activities – fairgrounds, cockfighting, boxing etc. In 1887 six local sportsmen bought Waterloo Meadow at Brampton and created the present Huntingdon race course.

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Gatehouse estates
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