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How to buy Euros

currency conversion by professionals

currency conversion by professionals

How to buy Euros. If you live outside the ‘Euro zone’ and you need to buy Euros, there are various options available to you:

– Use your local Bank. You can walk in, buy euros at the published rate, and walk out. Or, for larger sums, you could request a transfer to be made after the bank has exchanged your currency to euros. Either way, this is likely to be an expensive option. Local banks tend to make large profits on the published rate of exchange, and, they charge to transfer the money for you!
– You could buy your euros from one of those kiosks you see at the airport. These are great if you have a relatively small amount of cash, but the exchange rate generally offered will give you less euros for your currency unit.
– The answer is to use a specialist currency exchange broker. They exchange so much currency, as it’s all they do. As a consequence, they buy money at a cheap rate and only make a very small margin on top.

If you are looking to buy euros, for anything such as buying a house, boat, car, then start by getting a quote from a currency dealer. It’s quick and you are likely to get many more euros on the currency exchange.
For advice on this 0044 (0)1480 458400

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