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Walk from Pub in Godmanchester to Huntingdon & Brampton.

We start at The Exhibition Pub in Godmanchester just because it is closest to us but you could start at any of the pubs mentioned. Remember to Drink Responsibly!

This circuit is approx. 4 1/4 miles long.


From The Exhibition head down Earning Street to The White Hart Pub & Restaurant.

From there continue down East Chadley Lane and follow the path at the end around and back up past Godmanchester Primary School on Park Lane. At the top on your left is The Black Bull Pub.

Right from here will see you at The Bridge Hotel where Godmanchester meets Huntingdon and a short walk up the High Street you’ll find The Samuel Pepys Pub.

Further up the High Street adjacent to the Church and Barneys Fish & Chip shop you can walk up St. Marys Street and over the ring road and across Mill Common to the train station and Brampton Road.

Once on the main road there is a footpath that takes you past Hinchingbrooke House and down to Nun’s Bridge. With Hinchingbrooke Park on you right you’ll see Bromholme Lane on the left, The Old Mill is tucked at the end of Bromholme Lane.

When you have finished at The Mill walk back along Bromholme Lane but turn right opposite the Camp Site and follow the lane, eventually you’ll weave your way under the railway line and onto Portholme. From Portholme you’ll end up back in the centre of Godmanchester near our office.

It might be better if you try this route in reverse where the pubs (and toilets) are a bit closer towards the end of what is a four and a quarter mile pub crawl.



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