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My Friend GMC becomes My Friend PE29

My Friend GMC – My Friend PE29 business directory blog for Feb. 2011


Whilst I may not be considered by some people as a local in Godmanchester because I’ve only lived here for 12 years I think of it as home and have no intensions of moving.

I’ll be honest, the reason I bought a property in Godmanchester was not based on sound financial advice guaranteeing my investment in an up and coming area but I’m afraid more to do with a girlfriend and the fact all my mates drank at The Exhibition Pub.

There are lots of reasons people choose to live in Godmanchester. I’m now a partner in a business that started selling homes in Godmanchester back in 1989 from the office on the corner of Cambridge Street & The Causeway. From my desk I have a great view of on of Godmanchester’s attractions, The River Great Ouse.

Now I wish I had a pound for every house hunter that has told me over the years how pretty Godmanchester is but that’s just a small piece of the jigsaw that makes house buyers want to invest in property in our town.

Geographically Godmanchester is popular because when the A14 is open we have easy access for commuters to Cambridge and elsewhere. Huntingdon train station is within walking distance (just) and we have Portholme, the nature reserve and the river on our doorstep. Families also move to Godmanchester from the other side of the river because of a school catchment area. As residents though what can we do to increase Godmanchester’s popularity with future house hunters and why should we?

Amongst things beyond our control, property prices are hugely affected by supply & demand. The greater the demand for a specific town the more you can sell your home for. So why else do people buy in Godmanchester?

People are attracted because of the public transport links that some smaller villages don’t have but mostly it’s the vast array of amenities and services available right here.

There aren’t many things you can’t get in Godmanchester and we must support local businesses and services because it has an effect on the desirability of the town.

Godmanchester has so many businesses I can’t mention them all but you’ll find loads of them in the My Friend GMC or My Friend PE29 directory.
I’m guilty of supporting one of the four pubs too much and I love the service from the butchers, bakers & florist but sadly have no need to try any of the hairdressers!

There are beauty salons, restaurants, convenience stores, estate agents and garages. We have our own builders, architects, carpenters, plumbers, decorators, electricians, heating engineers, printers, financial advisors, accountants & web designers. There is an ironing service, a taxi firm, a barbecue centre, an osteopath, a ceramics shop, a swimming pool and some you know by name like Ethnic Origins, Stanjay’s, Clifford’s & The Comrades. 

There are plenty of other good reasons to support local businesses wherever you live, they include:

  • Shopping locally can save you money when you factor in your petrol, parking charges & your travelling time.
  • I believe that local shops are more sociable. I often find myself chatting to someone whether I know them or not.
  • Using local businesses creates local jobs and keeps money in your community. Local businesses have also been proven to be proportionately more generous in their support of local charities, events and schools.
  • Evidence from numerous surveys show people receive better customer service from local businesses because they survive by their reputation and are always looking for your recommendation and any repeat business.
  • Using local shops, businesses & tradesmen is proven to be better for the environment with lower CO² emissions. Local businesses also tend to stock or use more local produce which also helps.

Now obviously as an owner of a business in Godmanchester I am going to ask you to support local companies but it may help you too in the long run.

For honest and down to earth advice on selling your home for the best price please call Phillip on 01480 434290.

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