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PE28, PE29, CB23 or SG19 – Home Insurance


How much do you pay for your home insurance?

Well, it seems that if you live in the PE29, CB23 or SG19 postcode areas, you may well be paying less than a lot of people.

In a recent survey home insurance premiums for the three postcodes were all found to be under the national average, ranking 504th, 756th and 967th respectively. That might not sound like anything groundbreaking, but when you consider that there are literally thousands of different postal districts in the country, that’s quite a feat.

Residents of PE29 stand to make the biggest saving, the average quote in this area coming back over 10% cheaper than the national average. Residents of CB23 and SG19 can also expect to be 6-8% better off than most as well.

Unfortunately for PE29’s neighbours in PE28 however, this district’s average claim is more than 6% higher than the national average – although homes in this postcode are more expensive on average (around £40,000 more), and most applications for this area needed around £14,000 more in contents insurance than those in PE29, which would likely explain the difference.

Central Bournemouth is the cheapest place in the UK to buy home insurance according to the survey, done by’s home insurance team, those in the BH2 District spending almost a third of what those in HA7 (Britain’s most expensive home insurance postal district) spend. In fact, just by living in North London, residents can expect to pay around 74% more than the national average, which is £164.

What can you do to decrease your home insurance premiums? Well there are a number of different ways of doing this, ranging from cheap fixes to expensive security systems, but a few things to consider are: 

  • Fit five lever mortice locks and consider changing the locks – if your house has previous owners, you don’t know who might have a key.
  • Fit smoke alarms and give up smoking – both of these things can decrease your premiums by a noticeable amount.
  • Join a neighbourhood watch scheme – this can reduce your premiums by up to 5%
  • Install security lighting and a NACOSS approved alarm – these will also help to slash the cost of your insurance.

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