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Property in the Alpujarra, Spain

white village in the Alpujarraswhite village in the Alpujarras

Alpujarra Valley in Granada Province.

The Alpujarra mountain range, is about thirty miles from Granada city and 25 miles from the coast. It is as much part of Granada as it is of Almeria province. It is well known for the great views and the white towns; its mountain landscapes, the house balconies full of flowers; its friendly people and the atmosphere they create – and most importantly – the spectacular backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. All of these attributes led to it being designated a Global Reserve by UNESCO, as well as a national park and a nature reserve, especially for its native flowers and distinctive ecosystems.

The history of Alpujarra is just as important because it was the last refuge of the Arabs in Andalucia. It was here that Boabdil, the last Moorish king, lived for some months after the Christians captured Granada. And, it was to the Alpujarra that the Moors, who refused to convert to Christianity, fled and found refuge during almost a century before they were finally expelled.

The Alpujarra also still has many features of Berber culture, particularly in everyday houses and in their unique irrigation aqueducts that farmers are still using.

The Alpujarra valley gained modest notoriety in more recent times from people like Chris Stewart, who wrote ‘Driving over Lemons’, which captures the unique charm of the area. Many have followed his example and have sought to buy a small farm, or cortijo in the Alpujarra valley.

Properties there are still great value and the ellusive ‘real Spain’ can still be bought with a modest budget.
Properties in the Alpujarra.

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