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Gatehouse Estates Property Management have been renting property in the St Neots, Kimbolton, Huntingdon and Godmanchester areas for many years.

Visit our property to rental site for a selection of properties currently avalable,

If you have a property that would like to rent out, then email us from here, or call the office closest to your property:

Godmanchester Office
63 Cambridge St, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE29 2AY
Tel: 01480 433933

St. Neots Office
Orchard House, Tebbutts Road, St. Neots, Cambs. PE19 1AW
Tel: 01480 471444


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Landlord services include:

A FREE rental appraisal where we meet you to discuss your requirements and we give you the benefit of our experience by recommending any changes to get a better rent. We will also advise you of a fair market rent.

We accompany the tenants on viewings. This gives us the best opportunity to let your property as quickly as possible and ensures that you don’t have to be inconvenienced by people who don’t

We take up the tenant’s references. So you don’t have to. We also have an on-line facility to assess the suitability of a tenant which is not generally available to private landlords. It speeds the process up and has more significance than a copy of a previous landlord’s letter.

We draw up a comprehensive inventory and a legally binding tenancy agreement. In this world of legislation, it’s easy to get the wrong form signed, or miss some seemingly small sentence out. But, if your property is involved, it’s better to hand it over to a professional business to manage.

We collect the deposit. A law has recently been passed whereby a landlord can no longer retain a deposit in their own bank account. We have a legal facility for holding deposits.

We collect the rent, and pay to your account by BACS. Its’ the simplest, fastest, service provided today. If a tenant is late in paying, we deal with it. Of course, we inform you, but if you have taken our Landlord Payment protection insurance, all of the problems are handled by the insurer’s lawyers.

We regularly inspect the property, so you don’t have to. It all takes time. You have to (by law) let the tenant know that you will be inspecting the property. If you find a material problem at the property on the inspection, you will have to deal with the problem. If we manage the property, all of this is taken care of for you.

If the property requires maintenance, we take care of it. Our contract allows us to spend a minimal amount of your money on emergency issues, but generally, we gain competitive quotes first, as we deal with the same trades regularly, and we then present the quotes to you for your approval. We then organise the work, and check to make sure that it is done correctly.

We prepare annual statements for you, for your tax returns. It saves you time.

If your tenant wishes to extend their stay at your property, we handle the renewal agreement in a timely manner.

We perform the rent reviews. It can always be a bit embarrassing to put the rent up, especially if you have met the tenant several times and are managing the property yourself. If we manage the property, you can remain ‘removed’ from the rent review, but receive the benefit!

We perform the final check-out which can be a difficult exercise if there are any items at the property that need to be put right. This can be something as simple as having the property cleaned. Everyone’s perception of ‘clean’ is different. We have one standard and it is explained to the tenant on occupation.

We handle the deposit refund. Deposits can be handed back to a tenant too quickly, usually, before a services bill has arrived. If you do this, you will end up paying the bill as you have no deposit to take the bill amount from. With about 300 managed properties, we perform a deposit return on most working days. We are used to it and know the pitfalls.

We have experienced and enthusiastic staff waiting for your call.
For a FREE rental appraisal, please call your local office.



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