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Protect your profits when trading overseas

Protect your profits when trading abroad…Every company trading internationally is at risk from currency exposure.

currency conversion by professionals

currency conversion by professionals

It doesn’t matter how large your organisation is, unexpected fluctuations in the exchange rate can eliminate your profit. Even worse, a major movement in the exchange rate can potentially make a profitable deal turn into a loss-making deal.

There are ways to mitigate your exposure to currency fluctuation. Global Currency Exchange Network are professional currency brokers and have a business advisor on hand to aid you in protecting your calculated profit margin.

Our main function is International foreign exchange and payments. We provide innovative currency risk management services and international payment solutions to businesses of all sizes.

  • Currency risk management services are designed to protect your profits against adverse exchange rate fluctuations while conserving gains from positive market movements; we can help to mitigate the risk, by providing a currency exchange plan that suits your business cash flow and works well with your agreed payment plan with your provider.
  • Personal service. We have a business manager, experienced in International trading, who can help with anticipating your needs and keeping you up-to-date on relevant market events.
  • A more competitive exchange rate than your bank may be able to offer.
  • Flexibility; you can invoice your customers in their local currency, adding value to the services you provide and reducing the risk of a breaking a deal because of the exchange rate fluctuation.
  • An easily set-up service, saving you time. One call will have you trading abroad, with increased risk management.
  • Fast, efficient worldwide transfers and 24-hour trading, free of the limitations imposed by the banking network.
  • Direct savings; you will not pay any receiving bank charges, saving your business up to 0.3% of amounts traded.

Request a call back and we’ll have a business manager contact you to discuss your needs

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