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With costs rising all around, we are looking to save money. The cost of selling your property can be significant. It’s not only the estate agent’s fees that are significant. The Government have introduced the Home Information Pack ( HIP’s) which most homeowners will now have to buy, before they can even place the property on the market. The conventional property lawyer’s fees are also significant and savings can be made here by using an online conveyancing service.

We are all now getting used to using online services such as banking, food shopping, clothes by mail order, gifts, books. Now it’s possible to buy a form of estate agency online for considerably less than the average estate agency fee of £4000.

Is it any good though?
There are many web sites popping up offering online estate agency services. They advertise their services for around £150. Most of them are offering services so similar to the high street agent, just without the expensive premises. They even offer a range of advertising options that include a small fee if the property is sold by them. Even with the sale fee, the saving is vast.

Before making a decision you should consider how much each method would cost and how much time you have available. If you use an estate agent, it will be more expensive but the estate agent will take responsibility for advertising, showing potential buyers round, and negotiating a price for the house. If you wish to find a buyer yourself, it will be cheaper but you will need the time to make all these arrangements and deal with any problems.

Gatehouse International will soon be launching a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) web site, called,  which is available for homeowners worldwide and not restricted to the UK. There will be no extra charges, just a straight advertising fee.

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