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Selling Homes in the Denver Real Estate Market.

In the current Denver real estate market it is still possible to sell your Denver area home quickly and for top dollar. It can be done if you follow some simple guidelines.

If you find it difficult to impartially evaluate your home you should give considerable weight to what your Realtor advises. Denver Realtors know the market and they understand what it takes for a home to sell. To catch a prospective buyer your home needs to stand out from the crowd.

For your home to stand out you need to understand the home cannot be over priced. You need to have the most attractive $200k home in your Denver neighborhood and not the least attractive $225k home in the area. If you miss on this and over price your Denver home the only thing you will accomplish is to give prospective buyers good reasons to purchase someone else’s home.

Denver Colorado homes that are freshly listed typically get the most excitement from potential buyers and you need to be priced right from the first day you offer your home for sale. You want to be positioned as the clear choice for a home in your price range.

Other things to consider are offering incentives to the Denver home buyers. Things like offering to pay the purchasers closing costs, a credit for decorating or even making the first couple mortgage payments for the purchaser. These are things that could make your home stand out from the crowd because people love incentives.

Take down personal and family pictures or anything that will detract from the buyer imagining living in your home. You want them to feel at home which is hard to do if they are staring at a couple dozen pictures of your family living there.

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