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Selling a house or flat to a buy to let investor

With Gatehouse Estate selling your property, whether it be a house or flat to a buy to let investor is easy. As one of the areas leading Property Management Companies we have lots of contact with Buy to Let investors, some of which are already existing landlords of our, but all looking to buy more houses or flats to rent out.

Buy to Let is popular with investors because the returns can be much higher than having cash sat in the bank so don’t assume just because we call them investors they won’t pay the full market value for your house or flat. Often buy to let buyers are great to sell to because they are chain free, less mortgage dependent than first time buyers and not as naive to the house buying and selling process and not emotionally attached to the property.

If you are thinking of selling a small house or flat in the general Cambridgeshire area then we will almost certainly have buy to let investors that will be interested. Call us to discuss further on 01480 434290.


How to sell a one bedroom house or flat.

If you are thinking of selling a one bedroom house or flat then you may think with a huge drop in first time buyers that you may struggle.

As one of the areas largest Property Management Agents we have a lots of clients looking to expand their Buy to Let portfolios and are actively searching for one bedroom houses or flats.

If you would like us to offer your one bedroom house or flat for sale to our investors please call us on 01480 434290 or e-mail:

The moment we say investor people assume they won’t achieve full market value and this is simply not the case. Buy to Let investors are looking at a long time return from you one bedroom house or flat by letting it to tenants for a monthly income.

If you imagine the value of a one bedroom house to be £100,000 for argument’s sake and a buy to let investor lets to tenants who pay £500 per month the return on their investment could be as high as 6%. When you compare the low interest paid on savings in the bank then you can see why their is a strong demand for your one bedroom house or flat.

Using Gatehouse Estates is ideal for seller and buy to let buyer because we have the contacts selling is often straight forward, secure and chain free. From a buyers point of view we have tenants searching daily for property so can have it let sooner.

For any advice of selling, buying, buy to let or letting your one bedrooms house or flat and buying somewhere else please contact us on 01480 434290.

Guide to Buy to Let Property investments.

Why consider a Buy to Let now?

Buy a “Buy to let” property in the uk with pre-arranged mortgages, cheap conveyancing and tenants waiting to move in as a great investment. Now is a good time to conside a Buy to Let.

  • Is your capital currently offering you less that 1% return on investment?
  • Maybe you’ve never bought a house before as you live in accommodation supplied by your work, but you know you will need to get on the property ladder now before the properties become unaffordable again.

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Buy to Let finance

Cash, Capital and Interest mortgage, or interest only loan?

This depends on a number of factors.

The principal factor is the amount of cash you have available. While you’re likely to earn around 1% on your cash in a bank account, you may prefer to earn much more from using all of it to pay for a rental property as your return on your capital employed is likely to be considerably more.

Add to this, the prospect of property values rising over the next 5 years, the return on your buy to let investment starts to look like great value.

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Choose an Investment, not a liability.

We have been helping our landlords to buy letting properties for 15 years.

  • As part of our service, we help to assess the viability of a property, for rental purposes.
  • We offer a written report on rental values and likely work required to ensure that the best rental value is achieved.
  • We liase with our sister company, Gatehouse Estates Property Management and ensure that the property is marketed so that there is the very least amount of time when the property is unoccupied.
  • We even have beneficial rates for the legal conveyancing that you will need to use when buying your property.

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Buy to Let property in Godmanchester


Are you looking for a Buy to Let property in Godmanchester?

We have just recieved instructions to sell a one bedroom house in Godmanchester that is ideal as a buy to let investment.

This great Buy 2 Let house has a re-fitted kitchen and sitting room on the ground floor and a bedroom & bathroom on the first floor. The property has replacement uPVC double glazing and a parking space.

This house is currently let for £480 pcm, the existing tenant has been in residense for 6 months and wishes to renew his contract to remain in the property.

The asking price for this property is only £99,950, making this a great investment.

For further information or to view, please call Phillip on 01480 433933.


Let to Buy not Buy to Let!


Let to Buy is a moving option that many people are not even aware of or confuse with Buy to Let!

This type of scheme allows you to buy a new home and let your old one out, making you a chain free buyer.

As long as the rental income on your existing property will easily pay your existing mortgage, lenders who offer this type of loan will usually offer you a new mortgage for the new property based on the normal income multiples, even though you already have an existing property. This means that you end up with two mortgages at normal owner-occupier rates, avoiding  more expensive buy-to-let mortgages.

For more info on this call Phillip on 01480 433933.



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