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Estate Agents in Buckden, Cambridgeshire.


There are no Estate Agents in Buckden, yet!

But if you are looking to buy or sell in Buckden then Gatehouse Estate Agents in Godmanchester can help. As local Estate Agents they have sold many properties in Buckden over the years from Huntingdon & Godmanchester.

Gatehouse Estate Agents can be contacted on 01480 433933.

The George, Buckden.




Huntingdon Estate Agents

Gatehouse Estate Agents had an office in Huntingdon for years but have now relocated themselves from the very crowded inner ring road to Godmanchester.

There are still many Estate Agents in Huntingdon including a few new names.

The Huntingdon High Street is still ocupied by Peter Lane & Partners Estate Agents, Thomas Morris, Malcolms, Harvey Robinson, Taylors Estate Agents and Wellington Wise.

Being in Godmanchester offer both buyers and sellers room to park, it allows us much easier access to the surrounding villages without getting stuck on the ring road and offers us a much more popular window showcase.



On the Move?……………………..Call us!


Gatehouse Estate Agents are using this advert for Huntingdon bound traffic.

The road from Godmanchester to Huntingdon can be busy at peak times and this is a light hearted joke at the conjestion whilst advertising our Huntingdon based Estate Agents.


Gatehouse Estate Agents in Godmanchester

Gatehouse Estate Agents are based on the corner of the Causeway and Cambridge Street in Godmanchester minutes from Huntingdon. The office provides us easy access to the surrounding villages of Buckden, The Offords, The Hemingfords, Hilton, Papworth etc.

A View of Grafham Water near Huntingdon.

 Grafham Water was constructed in the 1960’s to meet the demand from the new town of Milton Keynes and the rapid expansion of Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire’s existing towns.

It was originally a joint project between Mid-Northants Water Board, Great Ouse Water Authority and Bedfordshire County Council but transferred to Anglian Water in 1974.

Originally called Diddington Reservoir after the little brook whose valley it flooded, it was renamed Grafham Reservoir and subsequently Grafham Water. The reservoir is on a plateau with nearly all of its water being abstracted from the River Great Ouse at Offord and pumped up to form the 1500 acre (600 hectare) lake.

HRH Prince Philip opened the reservoir’s water treatment works and the Grafham Sailing Club in 1966.

In addition to the sailing club a trout fishery and education centre were included in the original design and Sir Peter Scott opened the nature reserve at the western end.

Most of the leisure infrastructure you see today was provided in the last 19 years including a visitor centre, cycle hire and route, fishing lodge and restaurant. The water treatment works has been expanded and modernised to meet increasing demand and today’s higher quality standards.


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