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Shall I sell my house now or should I wait?


Shall I shan’t I?

Should I shouldn’t I?

Sell now or later?

Without a crystal ball it is very difficult to be 100% confident with the answer to your dilemma, should you sell your house now or later.

I think every case is different, I met a couple last week who are thinking of selling a property they currently let, they have a great tenant who is looking after the place really well, in fact is improving the property by decorating it throughout and paying a good rent on time. In this case I suggested they hang onto it for the time being. There property will sell faster and for a higher price when first time buyers return to the market.

In other cases where supply & demand is in the vendors favour now is absolutely the right time to sell, this can be judged by looking at Rightmove. How many houses would yours be in competition with?

Estate Agents will always tell you no is the right time to sell because they want their commission now so don’t always follow their advice.

If you want the earth for your property or you bought it in 2006 or early 2007 and need to get more than you paid for it then now is probably not going to be the best time and you may be in for a long wait.

Every case is different, all I would say though is what have you got to loose?

Get an Estate Agents who works on a ‘no sale – no fee’ basis, get an EPC (only £50 and last 10 years) and stick it on the market, even if you get an offer you are not obliged to move.

This is not a huge decision or commitment.

What’s my house worth?

What is your house worth?

After all of the fluctuations and continued speculation involving house prices over the last few years very few home owners will have an accurate idea of what their property is currently worth.

Gatehouse Estates, Godmanchester can provide you with an honest and accurate idea of the value of your property. The reason we talk in terms of property value and not suggested asking prices is that some agents will quote a high suggested asking price to win your business and spend the length of their sole agency contract suggesting you reduce.

At Gatehouse Estates we will happily discuss a marketing strategy, including an asking price and offers we should expect to achieve. Other factors are stamp duty thresholds and website price bars, all of which can be explained in more detail if you make an appointment.

Gatehouse estates
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