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Walk The Ouse Valley Way near Godmanchester

The whole Ouse Valley Way is over 150 miles long and stretches from Milton Keynes to Kings Lynn. We are lucky to have a small piece of it on our doorstep and it’s a nice way to get to Brampton, Buckden, Offord Cluny, Little Paxton or St. Neots in one direction or Hemingford, Houghton or St. Ives in the other.

The distance you choose will obviously depend on how far you go, we’ve done Godmanchester to St. Ives (approx 5 1/4 miles) then got a lift back, likewise we got a lift to Little Paxton Pits and walked back along The Ouse Valley Way to Godmanchester (approx. 7 1/2 miles).

A shorter walk is out of Godmanchester along the Ouse Valley Way in the direction of St. Ives but head into Hemingford Abbots as the Ouse Valley Way crosses the meadow between Houghton & Hemingford.


To get onto the Ouse Valley Way from Godmanchester head down Chadley Lane from our office and down the footpath to the right of the Churchyard and onto the cricket field. You’ll pick up signs from the bridge under the A14 and you can follow it all the way to Houghton Lock on the river.





Walk from GODMANCHESTER TO BRAMPTON HIGH STREET – over Portholme and Brampton Golf Course

This is a great continuation of the walk from Godmanchester to Brampton Mill if you fancy going further. It takes you into the village of Brampton across Brampton Golf Course and brings you out at the bottom of the High Street near the Church and The Black Bull Pub.

This walk to Brampton Church is just over 2 miles one way.
You can head back to Godmanchester the way you came making the walk just over 4 miles or you can head back on The Ouse Valley way which makes the circuit just over 5 miles.



From our office head out to the recreation ground over the historic (replica) Chinese Bridge and follow the pathway on the left along the river over the weirs until you reach Godmanchester lock. Take the bridge over the lock and through the gates onto Portholme. Here you have a choice to make. If you are going all the way round choose left or right, if you are in a hurry for a pint head straight over. If you want my advice head left and follow the river, it’s more picturesque and only a fraction further.

On the far side of Portholme you’ll find a gate out onto a footpath which takes you under the railway bridges. As you make your way towards the Mill keep your eyes left to catch a glimpse of Hinchingbrooke House in the distance.

You’ll cross another small bridge before coming on Bromholme Lane, it you head right away from the Old Mill Pub and head into the camp site, stay left and walk all the way through it. You’ll find yourself in the far right hand corner of the campsite on the edge of Brampton Golf Course.

The Public Footpath runs across the golf course to the little gate in the right hand corner near the road and the falling down brick built hut. You’ll find yourself on Huntingdon Road, Brampton at the entrance to Water Meadows where you’ll see the gate into the next field which cuts diagonally across all the way to the churchyard.

The footpath leads to the front of Brampton Church on Buckden Road, next door to the Black Bull Pub and adjacent to the Leonard Cheshire Home and entrance to the High Street.

You can get back to Godmanchester they way you came but a more scenic route is via The Ouse Valley Way. Head down Buckden Road towards the A1 and RAF Brampton and turn left into River Lane. This will lead you to a footpath at the bottom of River Lane, part of The Ouse Valley Way that follows the riverbank all the way back to the lock at Brampton Mill and then into the back of the car park. This route is slightly longer but well worth it. From Brampton Mill you can head back over Portholme to Godmanchester.

Gatehouse estates
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