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Godmanchester Fun Run

For the 2012 Godmanchester Fun Run – click here


The Godmanchester – Portholme Fun Run is earlier this year.

Usually held during Gala Week but this year it’s on Sunday 19th June.

The race circuit is about 4 miles and brings you down from the Pub the Gatehouse and down past Cinta before turning into the carpark and accross to the recreation ground. Then along the river and over the lock for a circuit of Portholme and back to the pub. The route is marshalled by volunteers from The Exhibition Golf Society and water is usually provided half way round.

Registration will take place from 10am at The Exhibition Pub. The race starts at 12.

Entrance is open to all and is £5 which as usual, will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Pub are making a day of it with a live band and barbecue on after the race.

I’m hoping Mick from Ace Cabs does it again this year as he always makes my time look a lot more respectful, I’m also hoping it’s a bit cooler than last years!

The Pub have produced a poster if you want more info or to advertise the event click here to download it.


Walk from GODMANCHESTER to BRAMPTON MILL over Portholme

This is a great walk that is fairly easy and flat.
Portholme being a meadow does flood on occasions throughout the winter and early spring.

This walk can be extended to about 4 miles if you walk around Portholme rather than straight over it and if you don’t want to go as far as Brampton Mill you could go all the way around the outside of Portholme which is again about 3 miles.



From our office head out to the recreation ground over the historic (replica) Chinese Bridge and follow the pathway on the left along the river over the weirs until you reach Godmanchester lock. Take the bridge over the lock and through the gates onto Portholme. Here you have a choice to make. If you are going all the way round choose left or right, if you are in a hurry for a pint head straight over. If you want my advice head left and follow the river, it’s more picturesque and only a fraction further.


On the far side of Portholme you’ll find a gate out onto a footpath which takes you under the railway bridges. As you make your way towards the Mill keep your eyes left to catch a glimpse of Hinchingbrooke House in the distance.

You’ll cross another small bridge before coming out at the campsite. Turn left and you’ll be in the beer garden before you know it.

Let us know how you get on!


Portholme in Godmanchester

Located over the river from Gatehouse Estate Agents in Godmanchester, Portholme, formerly  known as Cromwell’s Acres is famous as the largest meadow in England. You can walk from Godmanchester across Portholme to Huntingdon and Brampton.

It was for centuries, the scene of Huntingdon horse races. Portholme’s circuit was two miles in circumference. The races began on the first Tuesday in August each year and continued for 3 days. Such an annual event was eagerly anticipated by locals as the major summer festival. It really was pretty sophisticated, the course being well endowed with grandstands, footbridges and other facilities and with supplementary activities – fairgrounds, cockfighting, boxing etc. In 1887 six local sportsmen bought Waterloo Meadow at Brampton and created the present Huntingdon race course.

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