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Godmanchester Streets

Godmanchester Streets

Property for sale can be found in the following:

Sweetings Road, Devana Close, Parcell Walk, Miller Close, Middlemiss View, Martin Close,Crowhill,Grainger Avenue, Sears Close, Littlefield Close, Thickwillow, Fishers Way, Cob Place, Hayling Close, Bluegate, Malecoff, Bayliss, Hudpool, Pinder Close, Homehill, Ferndown Drive, Golden Rod, Bergamont Close, The Causeway, St Anns Lane, New Street, Pipers Lane, Granary Close, West Street, Old Court Hall, Park Lane, Pavillion Close, Chadley Lane, East Chadley Lane, Orchard Way, Linden Grove, Post Street, The Stiles, Pinfold Lane, West Street, Corpus Christi Lane, Silver Street, Allen Farm Close, Wigmore Close, Duck End, Laroc Close, Saxon Close, London Road, London Street, Sylton Close, Earning Street, Lancaster Way, Fox Grove, Rectory Gardens, Tudor Road, York Close, Fairey Avenue, The Close, White Hart Lane, Windsor Road, Stuart Close, Hilsdens Drive, Kisby Avenue, Anderson Crescent, Meadow Way, Harcourt, Almond Close, Cambridge Villas, Pettit Road, Ravenshoe, Bascraft Way, Mowlands, Carnaby Close, Dove house Close, Rushes Walk, Merton Walk, Lions Cross, Croftfield Road, Peate Close, Roman Way, Martin Close, Stokes Drive, Portholme Close.

High Street, Silver Street, Lucks Lane & Church Street, Buckden


The High Street, Silver Street, Lucks Lane & Church Street, Buckden, Cambridgeshire have always been popular streets to live on.

We have a buyer registered who is seeking a property on the High Street, Church Road, Silver Street, Lucks Lane areas of Buckden. They are looking preferably for a period property but location is more important to them.

If you are selling in Buckden then please contact Phillip at Gatehouse Estates on 01480 434290.

Godmanchester Houses needed for sale.


Gatehouse Estates in Godmanchester have buyers registered waiting for houses in Pipers Lane, Silver Street or Earning Street in Godmanchester. They are looking for one of Godmanchester’s larger, more established properties and this may include East Chadley Lane or London Road.

If you are thinking of selling your home on Silver Street, Earning Street or Pipers Lane in Godmanchester then please call Phillip in the first instance.

We have buyers waiting for other specific property types and areas in Godmanchester in the hope they are informed prior to a property coming to the market so, let us know if we can help.


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