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TriSportsPlus Huntingdon’s Triathlon Sports Shop


Some of you will have seen me pounding the streets of Godmanchester every now and then. Running is something I have to do to keep the weight down and to make room for a few pints of Guinness in the Exhibition.

With my old Nike trainers not only looking a little worse for wear but also causing me pain in my right ankle I decided it was time for a new pair of Running shoes.

A quick Google search revealed a company with shops in Cambridge & Peterborough that offered Gait analysis and then to my surprise I spotted a new shop where Blockbuster used to be on Huntingdon High Street called

On Saturday I popped in and was very well looked after by Vivienne. I ran on the treadmill whilst she operated the technical side of this analysis. Anyway without going into anymore details about my right foot over pronation I got great service at Tri Sports, a choice of four different brands of trainer and am now up and running again!

Another local business I am proud to support.


Tri Sports Plus
77 High Street
01480 454183


Gatehouse estates
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