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Benefits Of Using An Independent Agent To Sell Your Property



Benefits Of Using An Independent Agent To Sell Your Property

The property industry has changed over the past 20 years. I would say that the industry has evolved as technology has grown through the years. However, when it comes to selling your home, is it all about the technology? I’m afraid not.

In this week’s blog, we are looking at the benefits of selling your property with a local independent estate agent as opposed to using a corporate agent or even selling online.

Technology Is Key To Selling Property

One fact that you may not be aware of is that 90% of people will start their property search online. Whether this is through using social media, online portals like Rightmove and Zoopla or even through looking for property using search engines. (This is where we get lots of website traffic with people looking for properties in Godmanchester).

So, we need to ensure that we are utilising every resource available to us. As an independent estate agent, we have complete control over what resources we utilise and are not governed by a head office as to what we can use. As people are becoming more tech savvy, they need information at their fingertips and this is where our online presence will help you when it comes to selling. Your property is not only listed on the portals but also on our website within a matter of hours from being given instructions. The properties are uploaded by estate agents and not someone in an admin department.

An Experienced Agent Is On Hand

The process of buying and selling property can be complicated. Very rarely do we see a sale proceed to a successful exchange and completion without a few complications. Unfortunately, some of these are out of our control but having the experience to deal with these issues will give you the re-assurance you need to see your sale / purchase go through as smooth as possible. There are no restrictions on which conveyancer or mortgage advisor you can use as well. However, we can give you several recommendations.

It is not only the ‘after sale’ service that we offer. When it comes to the day to day marketing of a property, many estate agents will purely let the portals do the hard work for them. Here at Gatehouse Estates, we have built a reputation for going the extra mile when it comes to selling your property. Often, people tend to move within proximity of where they presently live, so we get to know what people are looking for as and when a new instruction is listed. This local knowledge is a valuable commodity we can offer you from day one.

Local Market, Local Knowledge

So, what is the property market really doing in Godmanchester?

This is an important aspect for you to consider when it comes to choosing your estate agent. What real ‘hands-on’ experience do they have in local market conditions? (ie not just what stats the portals will tell you!).

Getting the price right from the start plays an important part of whether you are looking to move in the next 3 months or maybe 12 months. This may sound like an obvious statement to make but you will be surprised with some of the prices that are quoted by estate agents daily.

We have seen a high number of properties listed by other estate agents where the price is 15-20% too high. This means that the property is likely to be sitting on the market for several months. If you have a property to move to or are faced with time constraints, this is not the marketing strategy you should be adopting.

Knowing the local market and realistic valuations are key elements to our marketing strategy. A property listed should be marketed to sell, not be advertised for months on end.

Tough Market? A Lot Has Happened In The Last 12 Months

Brexit. Interest Rates and now we have Christmas just around the corner.

As a local estate agent, we have dealt with the changes the property market has thrown at us over the last 20+ years. We have witnessed various trends to the housing market and each time adapted accordingly to ensure we are providing the right advice to our clients.

Our experience in the local property market means that when there are fluctuations in the national market, we can apply these to the local market and pass this valuable advice down the line to our clients.

Online Estate Agency? Yes or No.

We cannot hide away from the fact that people are using online estate agents more and more. However, low fees tend to only bring one thing. You do a lot of the work yourself!

This kind of defeats the object of employing the services of an estate agent to sell your home. All you are asking them to do is advertise your property. We carry out the viewings, deal with the negotiations, manage the day to day marketing and enquiries and then, once we have agreed a sale on your property, handle the after-sale process through to exchange and completion.

Our job is not done until the day your buyer walks in to collect the keys on completion day….. whenever that may be.

Why Gatehouse?

An independent estate agent can offer you a more localised personal service from start to finish. You are dealing with local people who know the local property market inside out. Not agents who do not live in Godmanchester.

We are regularly involved in local events for the community and charity fundraisers. This is important to us as this helps our community grow.

If you are thinking of selling your property in Godmanchester, choose your local independent agent who can offer you a personalised service to suit your needs.


blog by Phillip Malley, Partner – Gatehouse Estates.
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Choose Gatehouse Estates if you are thinking of selling.

Another house sold by Gatehouse Estates in GodmanchesterIf you are thinking of selling, especially if you live in Godmanchester or the surrounding villages then please choose Gatehouse Estates for a free, no obligation, up to date & honest valuation or your property.

We are a local, independent company with global marketing and great service.

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Phillip Malley

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Common questions about valuations from Gatehouse

  • How long will it take? About 20 minutes on average.
  • Is it really free? Yes, we do not charge for a verbal valuation and you are not obligated in anyway.
  • What do you need to know? Just your name & address, we’ll do the homework before the appointment.
  • Can you do evenings or weekends? Yes, it’s nice to see a house in daylight but whenever you are free.
  • Any hard sell? Nope, just a valuation and any questions answered that you may have.
  • Loads of phone calls afterwards? No, come back to us when you are ready.

If you have any other questions give Phillip a call and ask him or e-mail

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Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

If you are selling or letting your house, apartment or bungalow you will need an energy performance certificate, known as an EPC. These have to be prepared by a domestic energy assessor rather than an estate agent.

Many estate & rental agents will be able to arrange an EPC for you but some in Huntingdon now quote well in excess of £120 + VAT.

The certificate has recently changed – to see what one looks like click here.

What does a Domestic Energy Assessor do or need to inspect to create an EPC?

  • They will look at the heating the property has to work out how efficient it is.
  • They measure the overall size of the property.
  • They take into account the original construction method of the property.
  • They will look in any roof space for insulation.
  • They will determine is the property benefits from cavity wall insulation.
  • They will note the type and age of any double glazing or secondary glazing.
  • They look at the type of lightbulbs being used throughout.
  • They will take specific details of any solar panels providing electricity or hot water.

Once they have all of this information the certificate can be produced and usually e-mailed to you the same day.

There is also a national register of EPC’s at so you can check to make sure one hasn’t been done before. They do last 10 years so this may save you some money.

What do they cost from Gatehouse Estates?

  • The cost does vary depending on the size of property but they cost between £60 & £90 including VAT.
  • For a specific quote or to book an appointment please call Phillip on 01480 434290.




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