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How can I sell my house?

With Gatehouse Estate selling your property, whether it be a house or flat, is easy.

Buy to Let is popular with investors because the returns can be much higher than having cash sat in the bank so don’t assume just because we call them investors they won’t pay the full market value for your house or flat. Often buy to let buyers are great to sell to because they are chain free, less mortgage dependent than first time buyers and not as naive to the house buying and selling process and not emotionally attached to the property.

As one of the areas leading Property Management Companies we have lots of contact with Buy to Let investors, some of which are already existing landlords of our, but all looking to buy more houses or flats to rent out.

If you are thinking of selling a small house or flat in the general Cambridgeshire area then we will almost certainly have buy to let investors that will be interested. Call us to discuss further on 01480 434290.


How to sell a one bedroom house or flat.

If you are thinking of selling a one bedroom house or flat then you may think with a huge drop in first time buyers that you may struggle.

As one of the areas largest Property Management Agents we have a lots of clients looking to expand their Buy to Let portfolios and are actively searching for one bedroom houses or flats.

If you would like us to offer your one bedroom house or flat for sale to our investors please call us on 01480 434290 or e-mail:

The moment we say investor people assume they won’t achieve full market value and this is simply not the case. Buy to Let investors are looking at a long time return from you one bedroom house or flat by letting it to tenants for a monthly income.

If you imagine the value of a one bedroom house to be £100,000 for argument’s sake and a buy to let investor lets to tenants who pay £500 per month the return on their investment could be as high as 6%. When you compare the low interest paid on savings in the bank then you can see why their is a strong demand for your one bedroom house or flat.

Using Gatehouse Estates is ideal for seller and buy to let buyer because we have the contacts selling is often straight forward, secure and chain free. From a buyers point of view we have tenants searching daily for property so can have it let sooner.

For any advice of selling, buying, buy to let or letting your one bedrooms house or flat and buying somewhere else please contact us on 01480 434290.

Hunts Post Editorial from 28th April 2010

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Article from The Hunts Post – Homes24 on 29th April 2010


Do you have local houses to sell?

WANTED – More Houses to Sell.

We have had a great reaction from buyers for homes in and around Huntingdon over the last two weeks. We urgently require houses to sell for buyers waiting in Huntingdon, Godmanchester and surrounding villages. The areas high in demand are Brampton, Buckden, Hemingford Grey and Offord Cluny.

If you have a house that you are thinking of selling please call us for a Valuation and selling advice. 
Phillip  can be reached on 01480 433933.






Are We In Denial?

A trickle of second homes for sale turns into a flood.

The credit crunch has started to take effect on the second home market in countries where there are many new developments just coming to the stage of completion. When purchase decisions were made two years ago and consumer confidence was high, properties were increasing in value due to high demand, cheap local loans and high equity values in the primary homes.

It´s very different now. Many new developments are now coming up to the completion stage and the developers are asking their buyers to part with the balance owed, in return for the title deeds and the keys. Some buyers are choosing to cut their losses and sell for below perceived market value, but many remain in denial. The reality is that, to sell, offers of 20% below the asking price are likely and should be considered in most circumstances. The alternative is to keep the properties and hope to rent them out. Bluntly, there are not enough prospective tenants to fill all of these holiday homes.
For those, with property overseas in “Euroland”, there is the prospect of mentally off-setting some losses against the rise in the strength of the Euro against the Pound. In some cases, most people will get 10-15% more Pounds for their Euros when converting money back to the UK as the Euro has strengthened considerably against the pound over the last year.

Where´s the good news? It is predicted that the buyers who still exist will begin a buying frenzy this summer. The really smart buyers will pick from the crop now. If you have a property to sell, simply advertise it on a For Sale By Owner site like for just a few pounds, avoid the estate agency fee, and let the savvy buyer contact you direct. They´re out there, you just need to let them know your property is for sale.

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